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David Post, USA

Overall, is one of the best Ukrainian marriage agency sites I have encountered. This site offers a great selection of Ukrainian women, which are by far, in my estimation, the most fascinating in the world. Ladies from Ukraine are intelligent, self-driven, health and fitness conscience, relationship orientated and beautiful beyond compare.

I have been corresponding with a lady from Real-Marriage for several months. We finally met this last December with all the details including airport pickup, apartment search, and translation services supplied by Real-Marriage professional service. Administrator Lyudmila, does a fantastic job adding a personal touch to this profession. Any questions I had were answered promptly with courteous professionalism and sensitive detail.

Thanks to Real-Marriage the meeting between my favorite lady and I went without a hitch. We are still corresponding and I am looking forward to what the future may bring. Lyudmila is also a consultant for passport and visa processes so your lady can travel outside of Ukraine and is helping us create another meeting in the U.S.

Some special services from Real-Marriage are what set this site apart from others. First, their charge for letters is much lower than most sites with a monthly lucky membership 50 $ and almost unlimited letters within that period. Other sites will charge hundreds for the same service. Also, Lyudmila offers English courses, video-taping, and multiple pictures available from the lady of your choice. I encourage all gentlemen who are looking for a serious relationship with a Ukrainian woman to check out and discover the benefits for your self.

Sincerely, David Post
Mansfield, PA, USA

- David Post, USA
Roj, Australia

Like many men, I was hesitant to use an international marriage agency from another Country,as you hear all sorts of scam stories, however not so with Real Marriage Agency.

Liudmyla was and still is so genuinely helpful in making sure to fulfil any  or services you ask for in order to make seeking and finding your soul mate easier and most importantly, a TRUSTWORTHY experience!

Thank you Liudmyla for making this journey of love seeking a whole lot easier!

- Roj, Australia
Ranulf, USA

I found with the help of Liudmyla a very nice lady and we met with her in Paris, I was so happy that such agnecy still exist and you can use this service to find your dreamwoman. It is genuine and sincere agency. Always delivered all gifts that I ordere on time and with nice photos report. all women are real and look the same as on pictures. Liudmyla the owner of the agency always ready to answer all my questions and always was kind to ask me if I need any help or if I need something. I felt real care. I definitely recommend all single men to use the service. 

- Ranulf, USA
Edward Hanson, Canada

Dear Lyudmila,

Thank you very much on behalf of Elena and myself on bringing us together into happy matrimony. Your assistance and support in bringing us together went well beyond that of the average dating Agency.

Before coming to Real-Marriage Agency I used several different dating agencies but my experience with them wasn't really good. I came across your Agency. When I saw Elena's profile, I realized straight away I have found the lady I was looking for many years!!! When I saw her beautiful and kind eyes on the photo, I decided that someday I hope to marry this lady. After we started corresponding, we organized to meet in June 2010. The meeting was arranged through the Real Marriage Agency, I was given the contact of Lyudmila's. Lyudmila was very helpful in arranging apartments and translation for us. I visited Elena several times, before I decided to pop the question to Elena in September 2011. We were engaged in September 2011.

After this point, this is where Lyudmila, went beyond the duties of a regular dating Agency and the term "Real Marriage" I think here really applies. Lyudmila assisted us in organizing the wedding for us in Vinnitsa. Elena and myself thank Lyudmila very much for this service she performed here in organizing the wedding for us. We were married September 5, 2012.

My advice to all the people who are still looking for their second halves: don't give up!!! Believe in yourself and your dreams will come true! We're very grateful to Lyudmila for her high quality service and giving us the opportunity to meet each other.

Really,Really,Really,Real-Marriage is the best agency in the world!

- Edward Hanson, Canada
Martin, Holland and Natalia, Ukraine

Natali and Martin : 

The story of our love began in Vinnitsa , Ukraine. We met in Vinnitsa, Ukraine  first time and then our relations start. Martin supported me always in everything and accepted me with my kids and we found common language even without understanding each other. At the moment when I met Martin I could not speak even a word. Thanks to Martin I learnt language and we are now happily married. Now we live together in Holland. 

Thanks to Liudmyla Ruf (the owner of the website : ) we met each other . She told me : " Natali why not to try and go for a date ? ". I was hesitating and now I am so happy that I listened to Liudmyla´s recommendations and tried. 

We both really recomand to use her service. 

- Martin, Holland and Natalia, Ukraine
Rob, England

Thanks to Liudmyla I spent nice time in Vinnitsa and also met with nice ladies in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, I know her as genuine and sincere person. She is always open direct and honest with me and I really appreciate each of her advice and comment. I am so happy I had the opportunity to met nice ladies and thanks to her to go out for a real date with real beautiful woman like on the picture that Liudmylaa showed me. This agency is real and trustworthy and I really recommand you to use the service . 100% you can trust it! 

With the best greetings, Rob, England 

- Rob, England
Craig, London, England

Hello guys ) I know that there are so many bad agencies around in Ukraine and they rightly get slated on here but i recently used one in Ukraine that i thought was quite decent )

I found the website by chance, i was specifically looking for a smaller agency that would give me a more personal service )

The girl who runs it is called Lyudmila Pasenko, i contacted her by email and told her exactly what i wanted -  to meet five or six nice girls who are genuine and serious about finding a man.

After several emails she had sent me profiles of the girls and we agreed an all in price of 600 euros for a fully inclusive service including pick up and drop off Borispol - Vinnitsa, apartment for one week, meeting all of the girls i wanted to meet, all translation and any general help that i needed.

And i was very impressed with the service - it was one to one, she collected me every morning from my apartment, took me to her office to meet the girls, basically she did everything that i asked and we also had some good banter

One of the girls i had chosen had vanished off the radar by the time i had arrived in Vinnitsa but i did meet the other five and a few more extra.

The apartment was very good and the girls were very nice but sadly i did not find " the one"

Considering that Lyudmila had the flu for most of the week i was there i was honestly very impressed with the effort she made for me. She is quite young but she is enthusiastic about finding guys a nice lady.

Of course, the downside to using a smaller agency is that the choice of girls is limited, you are unlikely to find many "dolls" at such agencies, but i felt that most of the girls i met were genuine and attractive.

I think many guys get " sour grapes " if they go to Ukraine and come back without a girl, but sometimes you have to be realistic. I had two or three very nice girls seriously interested in me in Vinnitsa, but they were not right for me personally.

During my stay Lyudmila never asked me for any more payment, there were no tricks, no scams - and i had a good time )))

I just think she deserves a little credit for the effort she made for me - why not !!

- Craig, London, England
Frank Steve, Norway

I've been on this site for about two months and has received incredible help of Liudmila, here on the site, she has helped me to find the right lady and she is always nice and she helps to answer my questions quickly.

I have written to a lady through Liudmila and translation have been excellent.

I'am still not finished with the agency, I also have plan to use them to plan a trip and renting a flat. I feelI am being well taken care of and recommend agency strongly.

On this site you get a personal follow-up and not only support service that you get at other sites. Personal contact with the site has been one of the main reasons why I recommend this site.

- Frank Steve, Norway

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