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Olga , 37 years

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37 years
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Graduate school
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English, German, Russian and Ukrainian fluent, French good
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  • Boy, 2013

Ideal match description

It is important for me that my spouse is a reliable support and friend for me, a person who is responsible for his words and ready to take responsibility for me and my son. And he was also ready to be a loving and faithful friend for my son. It is important for me that he also loves to travel and is open to everything new, it is important for me to look in the same direction with my chosen one and achieve all our mutual desires. I imagine him active, cheerful, generous, gallant and attentive

About me

I am an open, optimistic and cheerful person. I love the world in every little thing, that is why I love to explore it and fill myself with new places, information, events and acquaintances. I believe that every person in the world is unique, as is every phenomenon, place. I am one of those people who can go out in the rain with an umbrella outside for at least 5 minutes, but only to feel the magic and sorcery of this moment. And even better at this moment is in a cozy cafe))) with your favorite cup of latte or cappuccino in the company of a loved one or a book. I really love delicious coffee, but I try to drink it no more than 2 times a day.

My interests

I am an active and cheerful person. I go in for sports: I go to the gym 2-3 times a week, if there is no time, then I do high-intensity cardio training at home, sometimes I do jogging. Recently, I began to give preference to yoga and Pilates, perhaps this is due to the fact that I often change my place of residence due to my position in the camp, and these types of activity can be done everywhere, the main thing is more desirable and a rug. I dream of a bicycle so that I can spend time with my family on bike rides. I love all kinds of activities - and I'm ready to experiment with it. I like to spend time in nature: forest, park, embankment. Nature, air - they relax me. Now we live in Hamburg and I get great pleasure from walking along the fantastic streets of this city, its embankment with many bridges and mesmerizing views. I really like cozy cafes where I can sit with my family or friends and just chat, drink delicious coffee. I love latte or cappuccino. Cheesecakes are my weakness, I never get tired of them and I try them with great enthusiasm at every opportunity, I also like to cook them myself. I love sushi, and my son too)), probably because when I was pregnant I ate a lot of them. I love experimenting in the kitchen, finding new recipes. I like to watch movies both at home with snacks and at the cinema with popcorn. Sometimes I go to the theatre. Madly in love with traveling - it's amazing how multifaceted our world is. In the summer we catch butterflies with a child, but then we definitely release them into the wild, I have a principle - I don’t kill insects, even the nastiest ones. I feel sorry for them. I can easily go somewhere with a minimum of things. I really want to visit different places. Nature and the world are magnificent in every little thing - the main thing is to notice it. I love reading fiction.

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