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Elena, 48 years

ID : 63853

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Age :
48 years
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Never married
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Languages Spoken :
English (fluent), Russian, Ukrainian
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Ideal match description

I envision a future with a partner who is not only attentive and caring, but also possesses a deep understanding of my needs and desires. This individual exudes kindness, love, and thoughtfulness, and we will establish a strong and harmonious bond founded on mutual respect and unwavering support. Together, we will navigate life's journey with empathy and compassion, creating a love that is enduring and fulfilling.

About me

I would prefer a calm family life filled with love and understanding. I also want to learn to play golf. I envision going to the cinema with my partner and riding horses, which I find very romantic. I dream of getting a white horse for myself - will it be like in the movies? (lol) Eventually, I want to plant flowers in the flowerbed under our window and sit at the table, drink coffee, look at our flower beds, and make plans for the coming weekend. We could also play old records and dance the tango. Do you dance tango or waltz? I forgot to tell you that I dance. So, what do you think? Should we try to become a couple?

My interests

My hobbies include singing, practicing sports, pole dancing, and playing the piano.

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