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Viktoria, 22 years

ID : 63841

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Personal Information

Age :
22 years
Country :
City :
Profession :
Teacher/speech therapist
Education :
Master degree
Religion :
Marital status :
Height, cm :
Weight, kg :
Eyes :
Hair :
Languages Spoken :
English (beginner), Russian
Smoking :
Kids :


son (2022)

Ideal match description

I am searching for a gentleman who stands tall and takes good care of his body without going overboard. He values his knowledge and is always eager to spend time with his significant other and shield her from harm. A stable financial situation is important to him, as is his love for children and his readiness to start a family or cohabitate. Though he is confident in his abilities, he does not attempt to impose his opinions on others. He is empathetic towards women's needs and psychology, and relishes the opportunity to explore new places.

About me

I possess a gentle and caring nature, reflected in my amiable and approachable personality. I am always joyful and radiate positivity, making everyone around me feel comfortable and happy. My affectionate and sensual nature allows me to connect with people on a deeper level, and my innate compassion and kindness enable me to empathize with others and offer help whenever needed.

My interests

I have two favorite hobbies that I enjoy doing in my free time. The first one is dancing, which allows me to express myself through movement and rhythm. The second one is painting, which is a relaxing and creative process that allows me to bring my ideas to life on a canvas.

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