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Rimma, 39 years

ID : 63836

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Personal Information

Age :
39 years
Country :
City :
Profession :
Education :
Master degree
Religion :
Marital status :
Never married
Height, cm :
Weight, kg :
Eyes :
Hair :
Light Brown
Languages Spoken :
English (fluent), Russian
Smoking :
Kids :
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Ideal match description

In a man, I value reliability, which means being able to count on him to keep his word and follow through on his commitments. Respect is also crucial, as it involves treating others with kindness and consideration. Mutual understanding is important, as it allows for empathy and the ability to see things from each other's perspective. Openness to dialogue is essential for healthy communication and problem-solving. A passion for work signifies ambition and dedication, which I find attractive. Finally, care and attention to loved ones demonstrate thoughtfulness and the ability to nurture meaningful relationships.

About me

I am a responsible and serious lady who approaches life with an open and inquisitive mindset. I am always eager to try new experiences, explore new places, and connect with new people. I find joy in the little things, such as taking a leisurely walk in a new neighborhood, trying a new cuisine, or meeting my old friend over a cup of coffee. I take pleasure in bringing happiness to those I care about, whether it's through a thoughtful gesture, a heartfelt conversation, or simply being there for them in times of need.

My interests

My hobbies include practicing yoga to stay fit and relaxed, learning new languages to broaden my horizons, meeting with friends to enjoy good company and conversation, and traveling to explore new places and cultures.

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