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Mila, 38 years

ID : 63829

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38 years
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Graduate school
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Married and separated
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  • Girl, 2018
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Ideal match description

Are you a man of your word? If you do what you say, you are my ideal partner and man of my dreams. Please, don't tell me any fairy tales. I prefer it if you don't say anything rather than say something and not follow through. The most important thing for me in a relationship is mutual respect, the ability to discuss our issues, support each other, and be there for each other in any situation. I'm looking for a man with whom I can share a mutual understanding, interests, hobbies, and harmony and be happy together. I want a man who won't try to change me but accepts me for who I am and for whom I can do the same. I'm not looking for a temporary fling; I want to find real love.

About me

I am a person who strives to maintain a positive mood and find positivity in every life situation. I do not let trivial matters, such as drinking tea from a coffee cup or a tea cup, bother me. I hold strong life values and understand that life is too short to be upset about small things. I am a caring and sensitive person who detests lies and always speaks the truth. I respect other people and prefer to be direct and honest with them. I have dreams and goals in life, and my passion is to live, work hard, find motivation, and inspire others to grow and enjoy life to the fullest.

My interests

"I wish I had more time to develop my interests and explore the world. I dedicate 30 minutes daily to yoga and go to the gym 2-3 times weekly. I enjoy reading books on psychology and taking online courses for self-education and the organization of my life to become more successful. I also like attending seminars that help me grow mentally and develop my inner self. I love exploring nature, traveling, and visiting museums, theaters, cinemas, and concerts. I seize every opportunity to learn something new and be active. I adore swimming, especially in the sea and at the beach. I live life to the fullest and am always open to trying new hobbies. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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