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Viktoria, 40 years

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Age :
40 years
Country :
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Profession :
SMM specialist
Education :
Religion :
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Eyes :
Hair :
Languages Spoken :
German (B1), Russian
Smoking :
Kids :


sons (2010, 2017)

Ideal match description

In my search for the perfect partner, I seek someone who possesses both intelligence and charisma. I am drawn to individuals who have a certain spark about them, who can articulate their thoughts and ideas with ease. Physical attributes are not a priority for me. What matters most is finding someone who is easy-going, enjoys an active lifestyle, and has an open and friendly demeanor. I value generosity, kindness, and a willingness to engage in meaningful conversations. Overall, I am looking for a partner who can stimulate my mind and bring happiness to my life.

About me

I am able to stay focused and dedicated to achieving my goals. I am easygoing, which makes it easy for me to connect with others. I am also open-minded and willing to consider new perspectives and ideas. My friendly nature enables me to build strong relationships with others, and I genuinely enjoy meeting new people. I am an attentive listener, which allows me to understand the needs and concerns of those around me. When faced with a problem, I am able to think creatively and come up with effective solutions. I am also known for my positive attitude and tendency to smile often.

My interests

During my leisure time, I take pleasure in engaging in various physical activities to stay fit and healthy. Running, hiking in the mountains, and cycling are some of my favorite activities that allow me to immerse myself in nature while also challenging my physical endurance.

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