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Natalia, 52 years

ID : 63235

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Age :
52 years
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Profession :
I’m not working at the moment, I’m finishing integration courses
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Languages Spoken :
English (beginner), German (beginner), Russian, Ukrainian
Smoking :
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Son (1995)

Ideal match description

I am in search of a man who values honesty, kindness, and trust in a relationship. He is someone who prioritizes the well-being of his family and provides support both emotionally and financially. His sense of humor brings joy to life, and his active lifestyle demonstrates a commitment to his own health and fitness.

About me

My defining characteristic is kindness. I genuinely care about others and their well-being, and I am sympathetic, understanding, and compassionate towards the challenges people face. I have a strong sense of purpose, which drives me to set and pursue goals with determination. I am naturally cheerful and find joy in the little things, which allows me to spread positivity. Being sociable is one of my strengths, and I enjoy connecting with others and building meaningful relationships.

My interests

Sewing is my passion and specialty. I find immense joy in crafting and creating with fabrics. I am also an enthusiastic traveler, always seeking new adventures and experiences. During my free time, you will often find me strolling outdoors, enjoying the simple pleasure of a walk. To unwind, I love to watch interesting programs and films, appreciating the stories and perspectives they offer.

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