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Irina, 56 years

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Personal Information

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Age :
56 years
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Profession :
Real estate expert
Education :
Master degree
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English Russian
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do not live with me

Ideal match description

I would like to meet generous, well-educated and intelligent man, financially stable, professional in his field, who has a lot of interests and an open world character: he is open to new hobbies and travelling, and has an active healthy lifestyle, non-smoking at all. He should be honest, reliable and stable person. He has his own hobbies, his own business or stable profession. He should not expect to receive thousands of messages from me during the day, but together in the evening and weekends, vacations we can discuss how the day went, exchange impressions and mutual support. Like me, he is looking for a transparent and honest partnership between two equal adults. He is loyal, calm, stable, caring and with a good sense of humor.

About me

I was born in St-Petersburg, Russia and at the moment I am going to relocate to Barcelona, the city I love. I graduated from a Russian University of Economics and Finance and from Law Faculty of State Academy, and now am working as a top-manager for big russian company (going to retire) and began own business as a real-estate expert and business coach. I work a lot but I also have time for my private life. I am financially independent and travel a lot. Outgoing and sensitive, well-organized, ambitious. I am almost fluent in English. I am a positive and rather clever person who knows how to maintain a good conversation. I work hard and sometimes need a little time and space for myself to recharge my batteries. I am a big fan of coaching and I am continue studying to upgrade qualification. I am well organized, I appreciate tidiness; I am good at organizing household and finances. I love guests and coziness, but I prefer delegating routine responsibilities and devote more time to my family, work, new projects, travelling, dreaming, planning, therefore I have some helpers who managed my housekeeping”.I appreciate straightforward communication, filled with warmth and trust. I am easy-going but not spontaneous, I am serious but not boring, cheerful person with a good sense of humor, I am strong but at the same time I am sincere, soft and impressionable, my friends say I am serious, strong, caring and much fun to be with. I am the one who lives in the present and creates her own happiness and future.

My interests

I have an active lifestyle and regular physical activity, more due to my inner discipline than my passion for sports. Her favorite sport activities are swimming, walking, light jogging and cycling. My hobbies are puzzles, mosaic and travelling. I travel with pleasure; I like visiting cities with history. I am fond of Mediterranean and European food.

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