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Yana, 37 years

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Age :
37 years
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Education :
Master degree
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Marital status :
Never married
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Languages Spoken :
English (fluent), Russian, Ukrainian
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  • Girl, 2010

Ideal match description

As a woman, I believe that the ideal relationship is one where both partners are ambitious, caring, and active. Ambition is crucial because it helps keep us motivated and driven towards our goals. Having a partner who shares that drive and is supportive of each other's aspirations can be incredibly empowering. Caring is also essential in any relationship. It means showing empathy, kindness, and support for each other. It means being there for each other through both the good times and the bad. Finally, being active together is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have fun. It can be anything from going for a run together to trying a new hobby or sport. Being active together can also create new opportunities for bonding and creating shared memories. Overall, I believe that a relationship with ambition, caring, a good psychologist, and an active lifestyle can be fulfilling, supportive, and long-lasting.

About me

As a person, I am full of boundless energy and have a refined taste for life's pleasures. I love nothing more than turning an ordinary day into a magical celebration, filled with joy and romance. My ambition is not just limited to career goals, but also includes my desire for financial independence, which I believe is essential for achieving long-term happiness and stability. As an extrovert, I thrive on social interactions and love to connect with people on a deeper level. I am highly intuitive and can read people's emotions and feelings with ease, making them feel at ease in my company. But beneath all of this lies a heart that beats with a deep passion for romance and love. I believe in the power of true love and cherish the idea of finding that one special person to share my life with. So, while I may be a person with lots of energy, good taste, and ambition, at my core, I am a hopeless romantic, always searching for that elusive spark that will ignite the flames of love and passion within my soul.

My interests

I am passionate about exploring the intricacies of psychology, pushing my physical limits through sports, constantly improving through personal development, experiencing new cultures and places through travel, and connecting with others through social events. These interests are not just hobbies, but integral parts of who i'm is and what brings joy and fulfillment in my life.

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