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Tatiana, 37 years

ID : 61736

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Age :
37 years
Country :
City :
Profession :
Designer, Teacher of art .Working as freelancer now
Education :
Graduate school
Religion :
Marital status :
Never married
Height, cm :
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Languages Spoken :
English - pre-intermediate (needs help)
Smoking :
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Ideal match description

I think nowadays it’s normal when men and woman have the same rights. I am ok with that. At the same time, I think that man should the man and woman should stay the woman, especially when we are talking about family. I’d like to meet the man who will be strong with his spirit, who will be loving and who will bless his beloved woman and his family. Of course, I’s like to see the clever man, who is open and ready to act. He should be successful with his life and minds. I do appreciate men who are wise, who can to put the aim and to achieve it. My vision of love is when 2 people can open their heart and should to each other, who can feel each other and to talk to each other without words, who have deep feelings and understanding of each other and of course who has sexual attraction as an extension. So, if you feel the same and your vision of real love is close to mine, who knows probably we should try! How do you think?

About me

Talking about myself… it’s possible to describe in some words: creative, bright, sincere, purposeful and positive! I can say that I am the human of this world and I try to find the harmony surround. I used to be happy with the simple things, but here are 3 things that can make me feel happy and satisfied: physical, material and moral. I am the person who is able to love, who can see the beauty in small details. I like to get new knowledge and new experience. I am the person who lives in harmony with minds and with the world.

My interests

I have a lot of hobbies and interest and some of them may seem not very typical for modern girl. So, talking about typical interests: of course, I like to take care of myself, I like to go to spa, to go in for sport, I follow to healthy way of life and I prefer to eat healthy food only. I like to feel harmony with my body and soul. I like to long walking by feet, I like traveling and I like to create handmade stuffs. I like nature and animals. I have a Chinchilla! Yes, it’s my pet! I like to watch interesting movies, like Intellectual comedies, historical and documentary once. Well I like movies with the deep sense. Of course I like to read, and my favorite book is Sacred Geometry.

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