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Peter Chapko, 67 years

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67 years
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Land developer
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Never married
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Ideal match description

Adventurous, communicates well, loving and caring, romantic, easy going but passionate at what she does, goal oriented , truthful and open with her feelings, very positive and very openminded

About me

Let me try and give you a glimpse into what I am about. You can say I am very open with people and a very active person, I have dreams I work hard to make true, goal oriented. I do not think I live a conventional life, strange work hours sometimes. I have mainly worked in the snow ski resort industry and the bicycles industry, such as operating a snowcat, ski instructor... They are often seasonal jobs but in America jobs are easy to find if you have good work ethics as I do. I am also an entrepreneur. I have owned a bicycle shop for 7 years, built or remodeled 5 homes. More often I have worked for on company or another, it is just how the resort industry works for many. It also gives me a lot of time off, I always make ends meet (life basics). I’ll explain more in letters. Lifestyle, passions and where I have chosen to live... The best way to describe this is where I live, Lake Tahoe California area (see pic) it is a huge summer/winter resort area, if you can do it outdoors on a lake or mountains you can do it here. It is a very health-oriented place, many world-class athletes train here also very friendly people and very safe, I usually don’t lock the door to my house. My biggest passion is downhill resort snow skiing, I live for it, I adjust my life around it! I ski about 50 to 100+ days a year so about 4-5 days a week and want you there with me. It is really not that expensive and much less dangerous than driving a car or even taking a shower, lol. If you like your body in movement this is the ultimate. If you like to dance, skating, riding a bicycle fast, high places with a view… but always safely. If you want your life full of adventures, travel and outdoor activities in some of the most magnificent nature in the world and not have a normal life, you’re my kind of woman!!! Personality; fun loving, try to be funny (but not at someone’s expense), active but easy going, responsible, very caring of others less fortunate as well as the people close to me, open with my feelings and always concerned about yours, good communicator, good problem solver even when it seems there is no solution, loving and compassionate and passionate, always truthful with the ones I love and most people too, lol. I am not a yeller (no one in our family is) just try and understand the others position, feelings and talk it out rationally. I have a son I am so proud of, he is 23 y/o and recently graduated as a civil engineer and unfortunately lives for from me. I will haply accept yours but not interested in starting a newborn. What am I looking for in a future wife? I want us to be as one, really get to know the other and that is done through a deep trust that our feelings are always met with honesty, understanding, compromise, and most of all a deep love that we would never want to hurt the other but only want to see them as happy as possible! This means not trying to change the essence of who we are but to live our lives to the fullest, we just need to be interested in doing lots of outdoor things together. If you think gliding through fresh powder snow in complete control moving and floating like nothing else you have ever done sounds appealing then we need to get to know each other!! I am not looking for a housewife, maid or cook but a companion in big adventures we can have in life, we share housework, I know how to clean and cook I live alone. I also want to know and help you with your dreams of whatever personal goals, not relationship ones, we both want a good love forever that’s why we are here right, lol. If this is the kind of life you want to lead with me we should get to know each other better. I am very serious about this and planning a trip to the Ukraine soon next month or two.

My interests

Skiing, mountain biking, photography, science, psychology, travel,

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