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Lyubov | ID 61243

Weight, kg
Light Brown
Graduate school
Marital status
Never married
Languages Spoken
Russian , Ukrainian
Ideal match description
I think it is not even worth to mention that I wish to find someone for serious relations only, for relations, which may bring us both to a happy marriage. I am looking for a man, who is mature, intelligent, and confident in himself and his actions. At the same time, he should not be afraid to show his feelings and emotions to me, he should not be afraid of being romantic, because romance keeps the flame of love and passion alive. For sure, it would be great if my future husband is attentive to me, caring, loving and kind. I am looking for the best friend, for a great and passionate lover, for a good adviser and for a beloved husband, all in one. I do not know if it is possible, but I will never know until I actually try. Do you agree with me?
My interests
Reading is my passion, I love reading different literature, especially I love history and read much about the events of the past. I follow the development and tendencies of the world’s markets. I love doing sports, spending time in nature. I adore alive conversations and discussions and adore traveling and learning something new. Another interest in my life is learning language. I am trying to learn English and to improve my skills in it. I think it may be important for me in the future.
About me
As you probably know, there are no perfect people in the world, and unfortunately, I am not an exception as well. I do not want to start telling about myself of how wonderful I am, so I will better differ from others telling about not the best sides of my personality. I believe that being a woman, I can be too emotional at times and in some cases, I am too demanding to myself and to other people. As you have probably heard, from love to hatred is just one step, and I can love as strong and passionate as hate( But who is without any sin? Well, enough about the grey side of me) From my positive sides, I can point out that I am very goal oriented and knowing my goals, I work hard for reaching them. I am a very passionate person: I am passionate about life, about my work, about my man and everything I do and dream about. I would say that I know what I want and I would call myself a confident enough person, but who is not obsessed with my own needs and wishes. It would not take much time for me to decide to go on a trip or not, so I would say that I am a rather adventurous person, who is not afraid of changes, difficulties and I always face them with dignity, but at the same time, I remember how to be a real woman: feminine, attractive, flirtatious, seductive, passionate, tender, loving and caring. I want to add that I am not a “typical blond”, because I am smart, intelligent, educated and well-mannered)

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