Order Personal Contact Details of the Lady:

costs 100 Euro

no mattter she speaks or do not speak English, always can use Google Translator. ( Our Team helps you and always supports you) 


Order Video Skype Chat:

( you can see the lady, she can see you , and translator ( if needed) will translate ( both parties  don't see translator,just hear the voice)

30 minutes = 40 Euro 

60 minutes = 80 Euro 


Real Personal Meeting with one Lady = 100 Euro 

Success Marriage = 2000 Euro. 


Gift Delivery : 

 Any ideas any nice romantic surprise we deliver for your Lady wih great pleasure. 

any cas is individual, flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, champagne, perfume, any gifts we deliver with great pleasure. The price is individual , depends which gift you want to deliver. 


English, German Courses: 

 You can order our course for the Lady. 

3 months course =600 Euro 

1 month course = 300 Euro

or one hour with tutor= 20 Euro 

 Consultation and Support in Marriage VISA : 

 100 Euro 

 Individual Legal Translation ( English, German) Work 

One A4 Page = 20 Euro ( in Ukraine) 

One A4 Page = 35-40 Euro ( in Germany)