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Guideline for Men

Guide to 

This guide has been created for both new users and existing users of the site, due to the renewal of the design and functionality of my website. Sincerely, Liudmyla Ruf.

Registration and the following steps.

Registration for men: New user and his actions.

  1. You can register on our website by filling out a short registration form and confirming your email, after which you will be redirected to your personal account. (Registration on the site is not required)

    Registration for menRegistration for men

    Advantages of a personal account:

    - You will never lose the list of ladies you like, so you will have the opportunity to save their profiles in your account. Moreover after you have added selected girls to your “Favorite ladies’ list”, you need to inform Liudmyla about this so that in the nearest future, an information will appear in your account whether the lady is interested in you or not (this information is displayed under lady’s photo)

    Advantages of a personal account:

    - You will also have access to a list of recommended ladies by Liudmyla Ruf. The recommendation list will be created on the basis of your submission form, so we recommend you to fill it out thoroughly so that the most suitable lady can be selected for you.

    Advantages of a personal account:

  2. After registration, you are suggested to fill out a submission form. This step is very IMPORTANT, since one of the criteria for selecting a suitable partner for you is your answers to the questions of the form, so we recommend you to answer thoroughly, honestly, and in detail if the question requires it. The form consists of nine small sections. Also don't miss the photo adding section. The more photos you add the better, the photos may not be professional, but they should be of good quality. Your profile is not published on the website, but is used to provide ladies with information about you.

    Men Submission Form

  3. After filling out the form, you are suggested to schedule a personal consultation with Liudmyla Ruf (the first consultation is free). You will be contacted in any case after filling out the form, but for your comfort, you can choose the date and time when it will be more convenient for you to communicate with a dating expert (matchmaker). Please note that the time of the consultation is assigned according to the time zone of Germany, please take into account the difference in time zones when scheduling a consultation.

    personal consultation

    personal consultation

  4. After the consultation, you need to pay a small fee of 100 euros so that your profile is entered into the site database and you become our full-fledged client (groom). Payment details are provided during the consultation.

  5. Next, you review the ladies' profiles and choose who you would like to chat with, add them to your list by clicking on the "Favorite" button in the lady's profile. Then let us know that your list is ready. We send your profile to the ladies you have chosen and ask them if they are interested in you or not. The answer will appear in your personal account under the photo of the lady in the “Favorite ladies” list (see point 1).
    - If you haven’t registered on the site and you do not have a personal account on our site, in this case you write out the IDs of the ladies you like and send this list to Liudmyla Ruf on Whatsapp, Telegram or by e-mail Wait for a  reply with a list of ladies interested in you by email.

  6. Choose a way of communication with ladies who are interested in you. A list of all services can be found here.

    1. Letters (1 letter costs 5 euros)
    2. Video call with an interpreter (30 minutes = 50 euros)
    3. Personal contact details of a lady (100 euros)
    4. Extra real life video (15 euros)
    5. Additional real life photos (1 photo = 1 euro)

    Choose the most suitable option for you, pay and start your love story! 


Guide for former users of the site.

Personal accounts were automatically created for you and emails with login information were sent out. To enter your account, you must write the email that you specified when filling out the form and the password that you received by mail. You do not need to fill out the form again.

If for some reason you did not receive an email or you have difficulties logging in, please read the instructions below.

  1. To log into your account, you first need to reset your account password. To do this, use the password recovery form. In the email field, enter the email address that you indicated when filling out the questionnaire. Then send a request. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password (the link is active for 24 hours), follow the link, now select change password in your account and enter a new password. Access restored.


    reset your account
    reset your accountreset your account

  2. If you do not have access to the mail that you specified when filling out the questionnaire or you do not remember which email you specified, in this case you just need to register as a new user (see instructions above). But in your case, you do not need to fill out the questionnaire, just tell Liudmyla that your mail has changed so that your new data is assigned to the questionnaire.

  3. Use our website and the benefits of your personal account!


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