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Romantic Trip


The easiest and fastest way to find a good woman is to meet with her.
Due to questionnaire 95% of women prefer meeting to writing letters.

Ukraine Vinnica Real-Marriage

As in the saying: �Actions speak louder then words�
Here is a map for you to see our location not far from the centre of Ukraine, Kiev:
You choose ladies you like and would like to meet.
We will be glad to work for you and will try our best.

We have two variants:
1. Mini-package.
2. Full-package. All included.

1. Mini-package: have two pay systems.

Pay system ? 1:

  • Meeting with a lady � 50-100$ (the price depends on how many ladies you want to meet)
  • Translation per hour 15$ till 18-00 pm. after 18-00 �20$ after 21-00 � 20$
  • Guidance and excursions in the city per hour 10$ till 18-00 pm. after 18-00 � 15$ after 21-00 � 20$
  • Taxi price � from 120$ till 200$ (depends on the car you choose)

Romantic Trip

Pay system ? 2:

A three day trip � 700$-1000$

More then 3 days : 1 day + 50$
It includes :
Transfer from Kiev to Vinnitsa � both ways the easiest and safest way to get to the city.

A taxi driver meets you at the airport with a card with your name and drives you directly to the flat or hotel that will be reserved for you.
Accompaniment of the translator from the airport Borispol (Kiev) to Vinnitsa.

Organization of meetings (reservation of restaurants, trip on the boat, picnic, barbeque, theatre visit, excursions, museums).
Translation � an interpreter will stay with you if you need it.
The stay in Vinnitsa � flat or hotel with breakfast included.
To see our flats click on reserving apartments.
You must have cash with you to pay in restaurants and taxi round the city.

2. Full-Package. All included.

Daewoo Lanos

The price for three days � 1 700$
More the 3 days : 1 da? + 150$

It includes everything while you stay in Vinnitsa:

  • Organization of meetings with ladies you choose
  • Transfer from Kiev to Vinnitsa both ways
  • Transfer in the city Vinnitsa
  • Guidance and excursions in the city
  • The stay in Vinnitsa (breakfast, dinner, supper)
  • Translation

English courses:

English courses for the lady

You can order special course for the lady for her to communicate with her directly.

There is no need to use translation service if your lady will learn English.
You can order English courses for the lady.

Reserving appartments:

This is a cozy apartment-studio which is made in a modern style with some eastern elements in the design. There is a cable TV.

The small kitchen has all needed appliances like a gas stove, a small fridge, and electric cattle.