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Irina, ID: 241
5'10" - 5'11" (176-180cm)
high school
never married
I am very calm by nature, sometimes I can be strict,sometimes very meak all depends on situation where I am and with whom. At work I am strict with my relatives and close people I am very kind and meak.
I am fond of everything and I try to be active girl, I like to sunbathe, I like to go out with friends, to play valleyball,tennis,billiards, I like to travel and just enjoy life and enjoy each second of life,just simple be happy.
I want to meet a man with whom I can feel naturally and with whom I can do everything that is in my mind:)


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This is a cozy apartment-studio which is made in a modern style with some eastern elements in the design. There is a cable TV.

The small kitchen has all needed appliances like a gas stove, a small fridge, and electric cattle.

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